International Ticket Agency of the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix
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Best Price Guarantee

Here you are booking directly from the international ticket agency. This means for you: Best price, best service and biggest selection of tickets.
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Junior tickets

Junior tickets are valid for children up to 13 years of age (= 14th birthday) and represent a 50% discount compared to normal price tickets.

Free Parking

All tickets include a free parking in the Hungaroring owned parking lots to the tune of capacity!


covered grandstand
numbered seats
videowall opposite

E-Commerce trust mark

In order to give you security that you are optimally cared for when ordering on our website, the website was certified after the strict guidelines of the european e-commerce trust mark.

Public Pitwalk - closer you wont get!

A great tradion will be prolonged. The Public Pitwalk on Thursday before the race days at Hungaroring. Everybody holding a valid Grand Prix Weekendticket will be able to attend on Thursday, July 24th from 16:00 to 19:00 o'clock.

Also see the Official Program

Prices & Ticketordering

How do I order?
To order your tickets please increase or decrease the amount with the "+" or "-" buttons or directly enter the amount you need and click afterwards on the button "order" in the corresponding line.

Attention: Weekend tickets and Sunday tickets can not be issued next to eachother, as they are in different sectors of the grandstand.

Instructions: Please click on the name of the grandstand to see detail information and access 360° panoramic pictures and videos of the grandstand.


Category Gold

Super Gold Row 1-10 (Wkd.) 395
Super Gold Row 1-10 (Sun.) 358
Super Gold Row 1-10 Junior (Wkd.) 198
Super Gold (Wkd.) 495
Super Gold (Sun.) 448
Super Gold Junior (Wkd.) 248
Gold 1 Row 1-10 (Wkd.) 250
Gold 1 Row 1-10 (Sun.) 225
Gold 1 Row 1-10 Junior (Wkd.) 125
Gold 1 (Wkd.) 330
Gold 1 (Sun.) 297
Gold 1 Junior (Wkd.) 165
Gold 2 Row 1-10 (Wkd.) 195 sold out
Gold 2 Row 1-10 (Sun.) 178 sold out
Gold 2 Row 1-10 Junior (Wkd.) 98 sold out
Gold 2 (Wkd.) 295
Gold 2 (Sun.) 268
Gold 2 Junior (Wkd.) 148
Gold 3 (Wkd.) 330
Gold 3 (Sun.) 297
Gold 3 Junior (Wkd.) 165
Gold 4 (Wkd.) 330
Gold 4 (Sun.) 297
Gold 4 Junior (Wkd.) 165

Category Silver

Silver 1 (Wkd.) 250
Silver 1 (Sun.) 225
Silver 1 Junior (Wkd.) 125
Silver 2 (Wkd.) 250
Silver 2 (Sun.) 225
Silver 2 Junior (Wkd.) 125
Silver 3 (Wkd.) 250
Silver 3 (Sun.) 225
Silver 3 Junior (Wkd.) 125
Silver 4 (Wkd.) 250
Silver 4 (Sun.) 225
Silver 4 Junior (Wkd.) 125
Silver 5 (Wkd.) 195
Silver 5 (Sun.) 175
Silver 5 Junior (Wkd.) 98

Category Red Bull

Red Bull (Wkd.) 250
Red Bull (Sun.) 225
Red Bull Junior (Wkd.) 125

Category Bronze

Bronze 1 (Wkd.) 99 sold out
Bronze 1 Junior (Wkd.) 50 sold out
Bronze 2 (Wkd.) 119 sold out
Bronze 2 Junior (Wkd.) 60 sold out

General Admission

Gen. Admission (Wkd.) 90
Gen. Admission Junior (Wkd.) 45
Gen. Admission (Sun.) 80
Gen. Admission Junior (Sun.) 40

Formula One Paddock Club

Paddock Club (Sat./Sun.) 4120
Paddock Club (Wkd.) 4950
Paddock Club - Paddock & Dinner (Fr.) 1020

All prices plus 5% handling charges

We act as an agent for the organiser (Hungaroring Sport Zrt.) of the event.

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