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 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Use of the Website
a) Cookies for Statistical Purposes

When you access the website (“Website“) of Hungarotickets GmbH (“Company”), cookies are used for collecting general information about you and your usage of the search engine (e.g. country derived from IP address, search queries, number of clicks on search results) for statistical purposes. The Company only uses this information to compile general statistics in order to be able to better adapt the Website to the needs of the users. These cookies are not used to collect or process personal information about users. Neither can such information be extracted from the statistics. The Company is entitled to use these anonymous statistics for its own purposes and to hand them on to third parties.

b) Cookies for User Settings

The Company also uses temporary cookies to make the navigation of the Website more comfortable for you. These cookies allow us to adapt the language settings and the user settings for sorting the links to your needs. These cookies are only valid while you stay on the Website; when you leave, they will be deleted automatically.

c) Declaration of Consent for Cookies

You expressly agree to the use of cookies for statistical purposes and to the use of cookies for the adaptation of user settings. You are free to modify at any time the privacy and security settings of your browser so that all or certain types of cookies are disabled, thereby revoking this declaration of consent for cookies. Please note that if you disable all or certain types of cookies, the Website or individual services of the Website may be not or only partially available to you for technical reasons.

2. General declaration of acknowledgement

You hereby agree and acknowledge that the personal data you provided (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, IP number) can be collected, processed, stored and used by the company for market research and marketing purposes, as well as for ensuring legal compliance. You consider yourself entitled to also provide the data of those travelling with you, and in this respect you also grant the company with the rights set forth in this clause. The company may use the data in connection with performing the contract, complying with legal requirements and for advertising purposes. The company shall not pass on the data saved to third parties, with the exception of forwarding such data to contractual parties or subcontractors (e.g. hotels, delivering companies) as may be necessary for the performance of the contract. Further, you expressly agree that the company may also send you advertising material electronically. You may withdraw the above consent at any time by way of sending an e-mail to this effect to the e-mail address.

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